Create Your Own Cheesy 80s Music Videos!

Okay, new concept at Gypsy Rose!

You all know how I have ten million billion costumes--mens, womens, animal, etc...sooooo I was FUN would it be for you all to come in, pay me money, and lip sync to SUPER CHEESY 80s videos, or even more modern stuff. 

Anyone with a Great Sense of Humor Invited:
Guys, Girls, Moms, Dad, Grandparents...

You practice on your own, or you can rent the studio to practice, then with your own cameras, and my props, studio, backgrounds, hats, lighting, etc, you make your own music videos!

How freakin FUN would that be???

Kinda like the Jimmy Fallon/Ellen DeGeneres lip-sync competitions 
that everyone's doing these days!

Here are some of the best and cheeeeeeeeeesiest 80s videos (and other really COOL videos) to inspire you!


PS. Still working out prices, etc, but I was just so excited about this concept I had to put it up ASAP.