*For PARTIES please check out the Party Page Parties are NOT the same as classes."

Create Your Own Class-Tell Us What YOU Want to Learn! 
Or, if you want a class that's not listed--or want a class on a specific date/time, 

If you're interested in starting a weekly session, please email and give me THREE different dates/times that would work for you for four or five consecutive weeks (depending on if you want the Sparkles Four Week or the Interpretive Pole Five Week).

Quick Menu of Classes

(Some of these classes aren't on the schedule because we're not sure when people want them, so please EMAIL info@gypsyrosedancing.com if you'd like to schedule an unlisted class.)

Introductory/Teaser Single Classes-Just For Fun!

  • One Hit Wonder
  • Pole-on-the-Go!
  • Valentine's Single & Bitter Class
  • Chair, Floor, & More!
  • Rebounding

Weekly Sessions

  • The Sparkles Session
  • interpretive Pole Dancing
  • Recital Challenge

Pole Only Classes

  • Pole-on-the-Go!
  • Poultry-in-Motion Single Classes
  • Vertical Pole
  • Pippy's Power Hour-Advanced 
  • Interpretive Pole Dancing Weekly Session

Relationship Classes

  • How to Feel Sexy
  • Dance For Your Man
  • Lap Dance for Lovers
  • The Champagne Room-Private Couples' Class

Confidence/Feel Sexier Classes

  • The Sparkles Session
  • Interpretive Pole Dancing Session
  • How to Feel Sexy
  • Dance For Your Man
  • Teen Es'Team
  • Chair, Floor, & More!

Strictly Fitness

(EVERY class offered at Gypsy will give you a fitness workout)

  • Rebounding Fitness
  • Poultry-in-Motion Classes
  • Vertical Pole
  • Pippi's Pole Conditioning

(email us if youwant a Strictly Fitness chair or floor class)

Other Classes

  • Aerial Chair
  • Chair, Floor, & More!
  • Exotic Dancers Only-(Email us for dates/times)
  • Recital Challenge


  • Private Classes
  • Semi-Private Classes

All Classes at Gypsy Rose:

  • Every class is a fitness workout
  • Are always small-only 4-7*** people per class because we care that YOU personally learn
  • Instructors show you THEIR basics, you put YOUR personality into the moves (so you don't need to do everything exactly like the instructor)
  • We teach until you get it right (in other words, we don't tell you "That was Great, good job!" and move on if we, AND YOU, know it wasn't correct).
  • We have..."Learning Tools"... (Don't MAKE me take out the goat!)
  • We're very patient with EVERYONE, no matter your size, shape, age, or abilities-we just like people. It's that simple.
  • We're fun-not EVERYTHING has to be FITNESS FITNESS FITNESS LOSE WEIGHT LOSE WEIGHT. If you're bigger, who cares, come to have fun-we like you just the way you are.

*A single tear rolls down Wendy's cheek as her lower lip quivers* (I'm sorry...I...I need a moment...)Ahhh...better. I just get so overcome with emotion when I think of the love...the LOVE!  (Okay I have been on the computer for wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too long today!-Wendy)

***One Hit Wonders may have 8-10 people

The One Hit Wonder

$35/person -1.5 Hours - 8-10 Women MAX

(Introductory Pole/Chair/Floor

The One Hit Wonder Class is for ALL Ages, Sizes, & Body Shapes because you DON'T need arm strength to swing around a pole!

So bring your friends or come by yourself and see what this pole and chair dancing thing is all about...

You'll have a great time and laugh your butts off as you dress up in clean, crazy clubwear (or wear whatever you'd like) and learn:

The Supermodel Strut, A Sexy Floor Routine, Several Airborne Pole Swings, A Chair Dance Routineand of course...How to Pick Up a Dollar Bill with yer Butts!

This is a Teaser Class--a Gloss Over of Floor Dancing, Chair Dancing, and Pole Dancing and is for Beginners only, meaning you'll ONLY be learning Beginner Pole Dancing moves. 

If you've taken pole dancing classes in other studios, or even before with us, that's lovely, but you won't be allowed to do anything on the poles other than what we teach you in THIS class (and no, you DO NOT learn how to invert in this class! Silly Girl!)

This is the ONLY class at Gypsy Rose where you *might* need to share a pole with someone, but don't worry, EVERYONE gets our individual attention and lovvvvvvveee!

Click HERE to see the Schedule and Register

Please note that if a Bachelorette, Birthday, or Girls Night Out party schedules at the same time as a One Hit Wonder, we will change the time of the One Hit Wonder, as Parties take precedence over all classes.


$25/person - 1 hour - 5 Women MAX 

One-Time Class

(Introductory Pole

Have a blast at this one-time class for Beginners. Learn the Ankle Swing, 3 AIRBORNE Pole Swings, and Free Time to play around at the end of class.

Click HERE to see the Schedule

Rebounding Class

$15pp; 30 Minutes; 6 women MAX      

(Purchase a "Membership" Pack of 5 or more and each class is only $15 each)   

Gypsy Rose is the ONLY studio in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island that offers Rebounding Classes.

And let me tell ya...this is a WORKOUT!

The Benefits of Rebounding

  • Reduces stress 
  • Fights depression
  • Weight Loss
  • Increases Cell Elasticity (a natural Face Lift!)
  • Amazing Cardio Workout
  • Drains lymph nodes
  • Corrects Posture
  • Corrects Foot Pronation and Suppination
  • Realign Your Body
  • Great for Your Joints-bad knees, hips, etc.
  • Ease Injury Recovery Time
  • Builds Endurance
  • Adds Bone Mass
  • Makes you laugh and have a great time!

  • At Gypsy Rose Dancing You Don't Just Shine, You


    The Sparkling Session is our most popular session for Beginners

    (Level I, Level II, Level III, and Masters Levels of this Session.) 

    FOUR Women MAX per class--so you personally LEARN...MWAHAHAA! 

    90 Minutes per class 

                             $198pp  pays for the entire session 

    (breaks down to $33/hour for a class of 4 or less women. 

    Level I is for beginners, which is what most people take-for fitness, fun, confidence, or just to have a goal to work toward. This session covers the basics of Exotic Floor Dancing, Chair Dancing, Wall Dancing, Pole Dancing (3 Airborne spins in your first class), Strip tease, and of course...ATTITUDE! 

    We want you to have FUN too! Your goal is to think of a song you really like, it can be sexy, dark, pretty, introspective, silly--whatever mood you'd like, and use your skills to dance to that song by the end of the session. And you DON'T have to dance in front of the class if you don't want to!

    It's a great opportunity to be creative, start a project (your dance), decide what kind of music moves YOU personally, what costume you'd like to match up with your song, etc.

    Click HERE to see the Schedule

    Interpretive Pole Dancing Session

    (A Pole Only Ongoing Class Session)

    1 hour per class~4 Women MAX
    $128/person ($25.60/class)
    Five Weekly Classes

    A very focused, interpretive pole dancing class for those seriously interested in using the pole to express themselves.

    Once a week for five weeks, and with a limit of only four women, you learn not just pole moves but also how to put them together with music to reflect the mood you're feeling.

    This differs from the Poultry-in-Motion Classes because there are less people and you learn how to make your pole dancing flow seamlessly to a song of your choice, whereas the Open Pole Classes have up to 5 per class, and are at different times and days of the week, and students are taught only pole moves, without the concentration on putting the moves together.

    Interpretive Pole Dancing Also Includes FREE UNLIMITED PRACTICE TIME.

    Poultry-in-Motion Classes do not.

    Interpretive Pole Dancing sessions are more intimate than the Poultry-in-Motion classes, and because there are only FOUR women max, you get more attention than in an PIM class with more people. 

    Your goal is to dance to an entire song of your choice using just the pole...but remembering that it's NEVER about the pole...it's ALWAYS about YOU! 

    Click HERE to see the Schedule

    1 Braintree Street Allston MA 02134
    Poultry-in-Motion! -Experienced Pole Only Single Classes
     5  Women MAX; 60 Minutes;  $20 person


    You SHOULD stretch out before class on your own, as the entire hour is spent teaching.

    Each class students individually learn specific moves, then have free time to play around at the end of class. This is a TEACHING class.



    These are great classes for people who have taken our Pole-on-the-Go! class, attended a party at our studio, or has taken just one or two classes elsewhere. 

    These are some, but not all, of the different moves taught at the Poultry-in-Motion Classes
    • Ankle Swing, Airborne Ankle Swing, Ankle Round, various transitions
    • Candy Cane, Fireman (and unique variations on both), Getting Off the floor
    • Backwards Swings-One Leg, Two Legs, Three Legs, Variations of those spins, the Snapping African Crocodile
    • Free Motion Swing, Icicle Swing, Beggar Swing, Lounging Spin (and variations)
    • Left Foot Spins-Windmill, Spartacus Swing (and variations), the Switch
    • Poses-no Spinning-Kick Up, Slide Down, Hand Twists, Attitude, Butt Swirls, etc.

    (Okay so the original cutesy name was "Poletry-in-Motion", which is a play on the phrase "Poetry in Motion," but when I typed it in it looked like "Poultry in Motion" and the vision of a chicken dancing on a pole popped into my my mind and amused me to no end, therefore the class will forever be known as "Poultry-in-Motion!" --Wendy)


    Vertical Pole Class 
    One Hour

    YOU MUST HAVE GOOD UPPER BODY STRENGTH AND GREAT ARM MUSCLES, otherwise you won't be able to participate and won't get a refund.
    You'll learn Climbing, Inverting, the Helicopter, Gemini, Scorpio, Invert Transitioning, etc. Wendy will go by each student's individual ability as well as previous pole experience and teach each student accordingly. 

    If you buy a six class package, you will be eligible for ten hours free pole practice time 
    (Practice time is $20/hour) for non-session students)

    If you do not see these classes on the schedule, please EMAIL Info@GypsyRoseDancing.com and give us three possible dates/times that would work for you and we'll do our best to get your first choice into the schedule.

    Chair, Floor, & More!

    One Hour
    SIX Women MAX

    For those of you who aren't crazy about the pole, we're now offering a class just for you!  Some classes focus on a Sensual Floor Routine and Wall Dancing, others focus on teasing with your clothing and striptease, while others are all about  the Chair Dance Routine. Each class will be different, so you can join any class and get a new experience each time. Get ready to feel confident and sexy-because your alter ego is CRAVING to escape! 
    The content for each CF&M class is listed in the actual class on the calender.

    The Champagne Room-

    Private Class with only You, Wendy, and 'Yo Man  (or Yo' Woman, whatever the case may be)!

    • Sexy Floor Routine
    • How to Really Turn Him On With a REAL Strip TEASE 
    • Lap Dancing
    • Attitude
    • 1.5 Hours of Teaching, the last half hour Wendy leaves and you can do private dances, however, there is NO SEX because if Wendy isn't getting any, you aren't either! (Well "any" meaning in her own personal life, NOT from your partner...ewwww!)

    Two Hours

    He'll be observing and offering his commentary throughout and of course he will be your lap dancing dummy to practice on. 

    Bring the song that you are going to dance to (or at least have a few choices). You need to know this song backwards and forwards, and it must really move you, it must make you feel strong and sexy. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters. Don't dance to a song just because he likes it--it's your dance, YOU must like it. 

    Also determine WHAT THE MOOD and PURPOSE OF YOUR DANCE IS--like what's the message you're trying to convey? Do you want to be slow and sultry (Paula Cole-Feelin' Love, TLC-Red Light Special, Madonna-Erotica; fun and upbeat (anything Lady Gaga or Britney), Rocker-leather-super 'ho-take charge-he's yo' bitch (Def-Leopard-Pour Some Sugar on Me, Nine Inch Nails-Closer **REALLY sexy**, "Cherry Pie", etc. Bring your song(s) on CD or ipod and make sure that you can make it repeat (for a cd put the song on the cd as many times as you can). Or, bring a playlist on ipod or cd that we can use for background music. 

    We have music here-but your music is the most important aspect of your dance so please really think about your selection. Bring the costume/outfit that you intend on wearing (if it's see through PLEASE wear a bra and skibbbbies! I don't want to see anything pink!) or something similar. 

    Please check out our What to Wear page too for more hints, and you can also borrow anything of ours. Be creative and match up your songs with your costumes. For great costume selection (ALWAYS CALL to order, otherwise shipping will take a long time) try: www.electriqueboutique.com (check their clearance shoes/boots/costumes first) www.catdancerz.com (more expensive but an UNBELIEVEABLE selection--will really get you thinking creatively) 

    To schedule this Private Class EMAIL Info@GypsyRoseDancing.com and give us three possible dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to get in your first choice.

    Dance For Your Man

    $45/person - 1.5 hours - 5 Women MAX

    One-Time Class

    (Sexy Floor Routine, Striptease, Lap Dancing, as well as Confidence and Attitude class for singles)
    We have creepy dummies you can practice Lap Dancing on...

    Click HERE to see the Schedule

    The How to Feel Sexy!  Class

    Are ya Feelin' 

    Like This?

    If so, then Join our

    How to 

    Feel Sexy!


    We started with a very feral Wendy.


    ...But You Want to

    Feel Like THIS!!

    ThenWe Simply Added

    • Makeup
    • Ho' Hair
    • A Sexy Costume
    • Glue-on Nails
    • Heels
    • Jewelry
    • Deodorant

    And Most Importantly...


    And LOOK What We Got!

    To get the most from this class, we suggest you prepare by:

    • Putting on makeup BEFORE class
    • Doing your hair nicely
    • Bringing a dress (jersey material is best, not something skin-tight) that makes you feel sexy or we will provide one for you. (Of course we will not make you wear a dress, but how you look will affect how you feel when you see yourself in the mirror)
    • Bringing HEELS that make you feel sexy, or you can borrow our platform boots and clean socks.

    (If you don't see this class listed on the schedule, email us at info@gypsyrosedancing.com and give us three dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to fit it in!)

    Lapdance For Lovers - A Couple's Class

    $78/couple - 2 hours - 4 Couple MAX

    You'll  learn a Sexy Floor Routine, Several Senusal Striptease Moves, Attitude, and of course, Lap Dancing! 

    The first hour and a half is teaching while the men observe (they of course are your lap dance dummies), and the last half an hour Wendy leaves and each couple gets a corner of the room to do private dances if they'd like.  But of course there is NO nudity and NO sex!

    (If you don't see this class listed on the schedule, email us at info@gypsyrosedancing.com and give us three dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to fit it in!)

    Click HERE to see the Schedule

    Teen Es'Team

    $45/Teen - 1.5 hours - 5 Teens MAX

    Fitness class for shy, overweight, or lonely teens suffering from severe lack of self-confidence. Bright lights, NO sexy overtones at ALL, interview with parent REQUIRED, mothers/females allowed to watch any time (sorry no dads, that’d be creepy).

    (If you don't see this class listed on the schedule, email us at info@gypsyrosedancing.com and give us three dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to fit it in!)

    PRIVATE LESSONS--ONLY you and Wendy. 
    $60 - 1 hour. $88 - 1.5 hours
    Therefore you can focus on what YOU want to learn and go at YOUR pace.  You MUST arrive 15 minutes early so you can change so that you get the ENTIRE time for class.

    Email info@gypsyrosedancing.com and tell us your motivation for private lessons, and give us three dates/times that would work for you and we'll do our best to schedule you in.

    Pippi's Pole Power Hour!

    An Intermediate/Advanced Pole Class consisting of Pole tricks and combos for experienced pole dancers/athletes. You MUST be able to invert comfortably.

    One Hour
    Introductory Price: $30/person

    Pippi Parnasse is an aerialist and pole instructor in the Chicago area. She has eight years of experience in acrobatic pole, and six years in aerial silks. She has trained and taught in New York, New Jersey, Paris, Berlin, and now Chicago.



    I CAN'T


    HOW TO



    If We Can Do This For Wendy, We Can Do This For You Too!

    How To Feel Sexy!
    $45 - 5 Women MAX - 1 hour

    One-Time Class

    Feeling a little butch?
    Feeling asexual? 

    Feeling unpretty, rough, or lack confidence?

    If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is THE class for you! In this hour-long class, you'll learn how to:

    • Walk confidently
    • Move smoothly
    • Admire your body-no matter what size or shape
    • Use bare shoulders and legs in a dress to accentuate your sexiness
    • Feel...alluring
    • Feel confident
    • Feel like a GIRL!
    • Make your presence known!

    You'll learn different skills in each class--so you'll get a unique experience each time as well as reinforce what you've learned previously.

    We'll also use the pole and chair not as dancing tools, but as teaching tools so you can see yourself in the mirror as the sexy, strong woman you know you can be!

    To make you feel even sexier, you could also purchase:

    • Broadway Glue-on Nails (CVS, $6)
    • Ho' Hair (www.voguewigs.com or Sally's Beauty Supply) if you can put your hair in a ponytail.
    • Heels (www.Makemechic.com -AMAZING cheap crazy heels!)
    • Sexy Dress (www.greatglam.com -VERY unique, fun, and sexy clothing)

    I was doing a Lap Dance Demonstration at Northeastern University, and this poor kid was all excited because I was lap dancing him and sticking my butt in his face, his head in my boobs, and gyrating all over him.  At the end of the dance I asked him in front of everyone if he liked the dance, and he was like "Yeahhhh!!! It was AWESOME!" I then asked, "Did it turn you on?" And he turned bright red and said, "Hell Yeah!" Turning to the audience, I asked him, "Just out of curiosity, how old is your mother?" He looked perplexed and and answered, "Forty-two, why?" And I yelled obnoxiously, "Because I'm the same age as your mother!! Ewwwww!!" Everyone started laughing and the expression on his little freshman face was just

    PRICELESS!    -Wendy

     Pippi's Pole Conditioning 

    Using her fitness training background, Pippi will teach you several exercises to build strength for pole work.

    You may share a pole with just one person because you will need to rest between sets.

    We encourage EVERY student to take this class!

    For Beginners all the way up to Masters, and you do not need any prior pole experience.

    One Hour
    Introductory Price: $20/person