Spontaneous Bank Teller Reading, 10/30/14

(as I posted on my personal Facebook page)

WOW. I wasn't going to go to the bank today, but at the last second I decided to because I've been putting it off forever. So I go to the bank and go in, and while the kid is doing my deposit, I felt a mother figure come through for him. 

But I was like no, that's just my imagination, he's a young kid, his mother probably hasn't passed. So I said to myself, "No, it's just my imagination, I'm not going to say anything."

But, I got that feeling down my middle so when the kid was done I said, "Okay, thi is going to sound stupid but I'm a medium, and has your mother passed?" and he said "No", so I felt silly, but there was definitely a spirit wanting to come through.

So I said, do you have an aunt or a mother-figure that's passed? and he said "Yes," So I got the chills through, and I told him she was here, Then I told him this:

"There's something else you're doing, it's very small right now, but she sees that you're doing it. Are you artistic?"

He said, "Well kinda but I'm not very good at it,"

So I said, "Shhhh...yes you are." Whatever this thing is that you're working on is artistic and you're not telling anyone because you think they'll laugh at you and tell you you can't do it," and he agreed, there was something.

"She is coming through me to tell you that you ARE on the right path, and it may take a few years, but keep practicing, you're going to get very good at it. She's validating through me that what you're thinking about doing IS the right thing for you to do and you're going to be very very good at it. What is it?"

He said, "Calligraphy. I'm really interested in words and quotes and calligraphy but I'm not--" I shushed him again..."Yes you ARE good at it." Then I got his Spirit Guide coming through (I could tell because the next thoughts felt more 'generic' and were coming straight down to me instead of from the side, like the mother figure was).

"Your Spirit Guides are also coming through to say that yes this IS the right thing to do, and you need to know now that you will be very successful at this and have your own business doing it, and you'll be very sought after. Who was the woman?"

"A really good family friend, but she was like a mother to me,"

"I'm getting a "D" name...Debby, does that mean anything to you?"

He said, "That was her name...Debby."

He thanked me and I left, and I felt the Spirit draw back, and it took me a few minutes to recuperate.

I wasn't even trying, and even said NO it's my imagination, but the woman came through and I was right. Somehow she steered me to going to that bank, because I haven't been to that bank in years, and I should have gone every day this week to a different bank in Allston, but I just never did. Even when I went to another Quincy bank a few days ago after hours their ATM was out of order.

Only did this one other time, a year ago, with the cashier at Lowe's. Her mother came through and I was able to tell her about her mother around her deathbed and the initial of the cashier's sone that the dead mother was worried about in Texas. Again, felt stupid...but the mother had to let the daughter know she was VERY happy with everything the daughter did, because the daughter was REALLY worrying that she didn't do enough while her mother was dying. Of course, she did.

I thank God every day for my gift, I really am glad to be able to help people!