Your Camera. Our Costumes.

 You pay ONLY a $35 per person flat fee for unlimited use of our Backgrounds, Props, Hats, and over 1000 Costumes to take 
the Ultimate Selfies!

  • Greeting/Birthday Cards
  • 2016 Calendars
  • Self-Inspiration
  • Friends
  • Engagement Photos 
  • Family Portraits (funny or serious)
  • Couple's Photos
  • Reunions


We've got tripods set up in just the right places in front of the backgrounds, so all you have to do is insert YOUR cell phone into the holder and use the remote control shutter we issue you to take your selfies. The lighting is all pre-arranged, and the appropriate costumes (in all different sizes) and props are located right next to the corresponding photo sets. 

(ALL the photos below were taken on my iPhone 5, and I just played around with the simple photo effects built into the phone. -Wendy)

Imagine what you can do with some of those crazy photo apps??

Here's How It Works:

1. You and your friends sign up online and give the desk girl your booking receipt.
2. Everyone is issued a numbered remote-control shutter for the camera on their smartphones.
3. You all enter the changing area, where you either change into our clean shorts (or preferably wear your own) and tank tops.
4. You give your clothing/jackets/personal belongings -except your smartphones- to the desk girl, who will then tie them up in clear plastic bags and hang them on a numbered hook behind the desk that corresponds with your remote control shutter number.
5. You're given a simple map of the studio with the Photo Sets.
6. You go to whichever set you'd like and try on costumes associated with that particular Photo set, and choose any props/hats/shoes/boots you may also want to use in your picture (which are also conveniently located next to the Set).
7. You turn on your Remote Control Shutter, then click on your Bluetooth activator in your SmartPhone Settings until it finds the Shutter and connects. 
8. You insert one of your smartphones into the tripod smartphone holder.
9. Everyone poses in the Photo Set, and you click the button on the Shutter.
10. Pose again, and repeat.
11. Then when you're done with one set, you hang your costumes back up, put the props back, and go to the next set.


Check our Schedule in the morning for Daily Hours, 
as they change depending on our Bachelorette, Birthday, Girls Night Out Parties and Weekly Classes.

(and yes, those are my parents (the older man and woman) that I used as models...Dad's Tighty-Whitey's just STEAL the show!  --Wendy)