About Us

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This is Wendy, the owner. I started Gypsy Rose fifteen years ago because I wanted a safe place where women can have a 

Weekly Vacation of the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Gypsy Rose is  non-judgmental oasis where you leave your daily life at the door, forget your troubles, 

and appreciate simply being a woman  

-soft, delicate, pretty, sexy, and desirable-

in the body you have RIGHT NOW.

 (because not everything has to be about Fitness).

Here, you're not a mom, not a wife,  retiree, or an occupation. 

Here you are YOU.

I focus on fun, femininity, and feeling FANTASTIC!

We do this with small classes and allowing you to dress up sexier than you normally would, put on some platform heels, add a little more makeup than usual, and pole, chair, and floor dance to songs that really touch you deep inside-so you can truly 

Explore the Essence of You! 

What makes Gypsy Rose the BEST
exotic & pole dancing studio?

We were the very FIRST Exotic and
Pole Dancing studio in all of New England

We've been teaching Exotic & Pole Dancing

EXCLUSIVELY for ten years-we're the EXPERTS

We Never Pack People in Just to Make a Quick Buck

Our Classes are Always Small Because We Are a


(FOUR or less per Weekly Class Session)

We CARE that You, as an Individual


We CARE that You, as an Individual

Get your Money's Worth

We show you OUR BASICS, you throw


All Clients are ALWAYS at the same level in EVERY class-

We NEVER mix Beginners with Advanced!

But Most Importantly...

We're ALLLL about the LOVVVVVEEE!

Hi Everyone!

This is Wendy, the owner of Gypsy Rose Dancing. I danced to Peter Gabriel's "Sky Blue" the other day, and watching my own dance inspired me to remind everyone that you don't need to do all kinds of fancy, inverted pole tricks to be a great pole dancer.
Pole Dancing has become so fitness-oriented that many studios have forgotten about the sexy and self-expressive roots of the art, and "pole dancing" itself is no longer actually dancing, but more aerial acrobatics.

The tragedy here is that the majority of women aren't physically able to do those crazy difficult inversions and body contortions, and feel so intimidated by what the pole studios and YouTube pole dancing society considers "great" that they abandon the idea of even trying to pole dance because they know they'll never be able to do what the young, buff instructors can do.
To be a great pole dancer does not mean that you have to be able to do all the Cirque-type pole moves. In fact, quite the opposite.  To be a great pole dancer means that you are using the pole as a form of personal expression as a way to interpret your feelings through music that is meaningful to YOU.

Some pole dancers even judge me because although I invert, I don't do all those acrobatic advanced pole moves, and so they don't think I'm a good pole dancer or that they can learn anything from me when the truth is...it's actually more difficult for them to learn my style of pole dancing because I don't depend entirely on airborne pole acrobatics. 

To learn the Gypsy Rose style of pole dancing has actually been quite a challenge for those 'advanced' pole dancers, and the ones who have tried it-have loved it!

At Gypsy Rose,  we welcome women of all shapes, sizes and ages, and although all pole dancing IS a fitness workout, we focus on teaching you not only how to use the pole to dance as a form of personal expression, but to use pole dancing to vent your feelings of anger, frustration, happiness, and of course...sexiness!

That, my friends, is REAL pole dancing!

  • Our Classes are Small because We Treat Our Clients as INDIVIDUALS. 

  • We want to know  your personal motivation for taking our classes so that we can tailor your experience at Gypsy Rose--and make sure that you learn, get your money's worth, and FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF!

Wendy's BIO


Wendy Reardon, owner of Gypsy Rose Dancing, Inc. grew up in Hanover, MA, graduated from Hanover High in 1989, and then earned her BA in professional writing from Emerson College in 1993. During college she worked as a professional hand model for such companies as Hasbro, New England Telephone, Nordstrom, and Burns of Boston. After college Wendy moved to Los Angeles where she worked in production on Warner Brother’s Animaniacs and Batman: The Animated Series.

She then moved on to Hanna-Barbera cartoons, where she worked in development, and began freelance animation writing for a variety of cartoons including DIC’s Action Man, Universal Cartoon’s Savage Dragon, and Nickelodeon’s CatDog, among others. During this time she also was the casting assistant for the Weird Al Yankovic Show.

Wendy’s dancing career began when she was laid off from Hanna-Barbera Cartoons in Los Angeles. She needed a job that was flexible, yet offered some form of exercise. Luckily in Los Angeles there is a phenomenon called Bikini Dancing Bars, which are strip clubs but the girls only go down to their bikinis. Wendy started at Snooky’s in Ventura, promising herself it would only be for three months.

She did indeed leave after three months, but came back within the next three. The money was too good to give up, and she actually enjoyed the dancing. While working at Ventura Snooky’s, she began working at Simi Valley Snooky’s and PJ’s (also a bikini bar owned by the same people). Eventually she worked for Oxnard Snooky’s as well over the next two years.

Although Wendy could pick up a dollar bill with her butt and her parents were proud, she knew it was time to move on and so she moved to Reading, England to get her Masters Degree in Medieval History (which we all know is useful in the real world) from the University of Reading.

Wendy needed an income while going to Graduate School and so was hired by the Rainbow Agency, a dance agency that placed girls in different pubs all over London. It was in London where Wendy really honed her dancing skills. Upon her return to the States, Wendy danced for five months at the Satin Doll in Providence, which is a form of bikini bar. She left, however, because girls made their money from full-contact lap dancing, which is truly repulsive.

But she missed the dancing, the dressing up, the creativity, the feeling…sexy…so she pitched an Exotic Dance class to the Boston Center for Adult Education. They jumped on the idea and Wendy’s first round of classes were wait-listed. She taught there for three semesters then opened her own studio, "Gypsy Rose Exotic & Pole Dancing", where she only allows up to five women per class so that each woman LEARNS the skill and she can devote her individual attention to each student.

After three years in the Quincy Studio, Wendy moved Gypsy Rose to the heart of Back Bay, right on Boylston Street between Arlington and Berkeley streets, where she continued to flourish for the next six years.

Recently she moved to her third, and largest location at 1 Braintree Street in Allston which is easily located directly off the Mass Pike, for easy access from every direction.

Wendy also authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Exotic and Pole Dancing (Penguin, 2007) which included a DVD, although she hopes to put out an independent DVD on Exotic and Pole Dancing in the near future.

Wendy, circa 1988. Junior Prom, in gold dress her mom made.

Why Us

So if you've tried the cheaper studios and:
---Thought that pole dancing was "hard" or that you need "upper body strength" to swing around the pole
---You're taught to just wrap your leg around the pole to spin so that it hurts and strains your arm muscles every time you spin
---You feel like your instructor didn't care that you TRULY learned
---There were too many people and too many poles for the instructor to get to everyone individually
---Your Instructors were intimidating physically or emotionally
---You weren't feelin' the love, laughing, or having a great time

Then Come to Gypsy Rose Exotic & Pole Dancing Lessons, and you'll see HOW EASY AND FUN Exotic and Pole Dancing can really be!


(notice the orb over Wendy's right shoulder)

 Wendy has been channeling “spirits” who have passed for almost three years, yet it is only in the last year or so she has become confident enough in her gift to call herself a real medium. She has read for hundreds of people, clients, friends, family…anyone who needs to hear a message from someone on the Other Side. 

And as crazy and random as details and images may seem to Wendy when she’s reading, no one has ever told her she’s flat-out wrong.

You can schedule a private 45 reading ($50) with Wendy by  clicking HERE.

She is extremely humbled to be given the gift of spirit communication (although they do not provide the winning lottery numbers, dammnit) and the gift of teaching. 

But most of all, what makes Wendy happiest, and what is the ultimate and most important purpose of both Wendy’s life and her company Gypsy Rose Dancing, is that she has the ability, and the platform, to make people feel good about themselves.

(That sounds totally corny but it's true--Wendy *dabs eyes with tissue*)

Wendy is also a church scholar who has given tours in St. Peter's Basilica and Papal Rome, based on her scholarly reference book The Deaths of the Popes: Comprehensive Accounts Including Funerals, Burial Places, and Epitaphs (McFarland, 2004).

She can also hang upside-down with on leg on the pole and list all the popes of the 15th century in order.


History is Wendy's true  passion, but unfortunately dead popes don't pay the bills and teaching pole dancing does.