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And Yet I Am Single...SO MANY COSTUMES!

Posted by camryngypsy on December 30, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Hi Everyone!

I have more costumes than God Himself, yet I remain single. 


And the props that go with them...oyyy...the PROPS....

Been working like a crazy bird trying to get pix of the costumes and background scenery online. I have some, but of course, nowhere NEAR all, because I'm doing it by myself and although it is most fun and silly, it's extremely time consuming.

The goal is to get EVERY costume photographed and organized by size to put into an online catalog so you can see what we've got in your size for the Costume Bar, Pin-Up Parties, or Engagement Photoshoots.

Yep, Engagement Photoshoots.

I"ve got a lot of His/Her costumes that are sexy AND silly and that would make great Engagement pictures for an album, or if you and your significant other just want to come in and take selfies for something FUN and different to do.

Check Out the costumes, scenery, and His/Her costumes here.

Therefore, being occupied with all that I've neglected the whole "New Year, New Me" thing this December, as well as developing weekly fitness packages (going to try to do that today).

So if anyone wants to be models for the costumes, guy or girl, please shoot me an email at Info@GypsyRoseDancing.com because I'd much rather use real people than the rather creepy mannequins (plus they're both male and are constantly bickering about who gets to be the man in the picture....sigh...).

And I know the schedule is kind of sparse...shall we say...but I don't know when people want to start sessions. So if you're interested in starting a weekly session, please email and give me THREE different dates/times that would work for you for four or five consecutive weeks (depending on if you want the Sparkles Four Week or the Interpretive Pole Five Week).

And there's something screwy with the calender system and how it shows people who have signed up for classes. It keeps showing zero when people have signed up, so it looks like no one signs up, but believe me we've been busier than EVER lately! If it lets you sign up then there's space, if it doesn't, than there isn't, so email us and again give us times and dates that would work for you and we'll try to get your first choice in.

Thanks, and off to do a newwwwwwwwwwwssletter (which nobody freakin' gets anymore because of Gmail's separating emails...jerks.)



Help Me Sort Billions of Costumes/Props & Social Media?

Posted by camryngypsy on November 17, 2014 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (2)

It's Wendy.


My lower back hurts. Hate that. Don't know why...


Anyhooters, I'm adding more classes to the schedule today and had a KILLER BRAINSTORMING session last night (thank you Vyvanse at 3pm). Soooo much cool stuff I want to put into action, I'm actually pretty overwhelmed by it all, 'cause it's just lil' ole' me doing everything.

Heyyyy...if anyone wants to be my bitc--errrr--work for fre--errrr--be an INTERN...yeah...an Intern...that's it...please shoot me an email at Info@GypsyRoseDancing.com

BasicallyI just need online help you could do from home. College darlingls, or even if you're a mom who's all up and knowledgeable about this stuff and wants a project to work on or simply something creative, important, and meaningful to do, or even to give you a sense of purpose if you're bored with life.

Here's what I need help with:

  • Social Media-setting up Pinterest, linking Facebook and Twitter and Pintrest and the latest social media trends together, Facebook/Twitter/ Pinterest Daily Upkeep
  • Advertising-posting our classes in online calenders (Boston.com, etc)
  • Finding new online websites that would list Gypsy Rose (SecretBoston.com, SecretAllston.com, etc)
  • Finding and contacting editors of online, print, and tv media for Gypsy News Stories
  • Helping me with creating unique, fun marketing campaigns
  • Finding contacts for groups like Divorced Women, Single women, women of AA, and any other groups
  • Finding contacts for Boston Sororoities and College RAs, etc.
  • Posting flyers around Allston/Brighton/Boston


You'd get free classes with me as well as medium readings, and other perks too, and you'd obviously see what a running a small business is really like.  And if any college kids want to do this I'd be happy to speak to your advisor or whoever so that you get credit.

Although it's mostly online stuff, if anyone wants to come to the studio and help me decorate as well as organize the tons and tons of costumes/props I have, that'd be AWESOME! The costume/prop organization I need help with ASAP...

Running a small business is very tough, especially by myself, and it's so easy to get caught up in the administration of running the business to the point where I get burned out and Gypsy isn't as fun to me as it should be. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE teaching, helping people, and making them feel good about themselves, it's just all the new internet stuff one needs to keep up with...well I just don't have the time to learn it all and set it all up.

Whelp, just throwin' that out there if anyone wants to be me bit--errr--intern. INTERN!



Not EVERYTHING Has to Be About Fitness!

Posted by camryngypsy on November 17, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)


I'm thinking of taking Gypsy to a new directions, and I'd love any comments or feedback.

You see, I work 24/7 because I own the business. I would LOVE to be able to escape and just go and do something fun and forget about the studio for a few hours. But alas, for I cannot, because there is so much to do.

Kinda like you all have jobs and kids and husbands and school...you GO and GO and GO from one thing to the next, every day, and ya just want to ESCAPE for a few hours and not THINK about anything. You need to give your mind a break. You need a mini-vacation.

Yeahhhh....that's it...Gypsy Rose Can Be Your Mini-Vacation!

Anyhooters, what I want to create in Gypsy Rose is a recreational place where women can go and just have fun. Therefore I'm tweaking the concept of Gypsy so that the focus won't be so much on Pole Dancing, but pole dancing will just be a PART of Gypsy. We've got several NEW crazy FUN classes that don't necessarily have to do with being sexy or fitness.

Because Friends, NOT everything has to be about fitness!

Just have fun for goodness' sake!

I'll be putting up new concepts and classes hopefully later today...