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Oh I've Been RANTING!

Posted by camryngypsy on January 20, 2015 at 12:55 AM


...just not posting it.


Man, trying to get this costume catalog onine is CRAZY! So much stuff, catalog software is SOOO expensive, and taking pix and writing descriptions, etc about each costume piece, is, well, driving me batty. BATTY, I SAY!


Anyhooters, I know it looks like we're not offering classes on many weeknights, but we ARE. The weekly class sessions, once they start, don't show up on the calender but the time slot is taken. And we're busier than EVER for classes this season already! Have had to wait-list a few sessions too.


So again, if there's a class or Weekly Clsss Session you want that's not listed when you can do it, EMAIL US with three dates/times you'd like and we'll try to get you in for your first choice.


And now....Valentine's Day is coming and so we at Gypsy Rose celebrate it for those who have significant others in the form of Valentine's Day Champagne Room Class (private couple's Lap Dancing Class), and those of us who are single and bitter and wish a bit huge cyst zit grows on every obnoxious woman who just HAS to show you what her boyfriend/husband got her for Valentine's Day and all about their Romantic Weekend Away, even tho you did NOT ask, and you DON'T care, because you are single and wish you had someone to spend this most sickening holiday with.


Gee, SOMEBODY'S not single and bitter at 44 years old...teeheee!


So once again Gypsy Rose offers a class for the Rest of Us:


The Single and Bitter Valentine's Day Class!


(and you get chocolates and flowers too!).


So if you're single, make YOURSELF happy this VD and join a Single and Bitter Class (check the schedule and sign right up online).


Tootles for now!



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