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Frozen Apples!

Posted by camryngypsy on February 6, 2015 at 5:00 PM


Did you know that if you leave apples out in your truck cuz you're too lazy to bring them in adn they freeze, that they get these weird bumps on their skin? Really, they do. But then if you bring them to work with you and let them thaw on your desk for a bit while you're teaching (or napping, as the case was today), and if Mr. Mouse who lives in your studio hasn't taken a nibble, then the skin goes back to normal and you can eat it like you actually brought them into the house three days ago like you should have.

Just sayin'.

Wellll, put up new classssses...yadda yadda. Again if you want individual classes just EMAIL ME, 'cause I don't normally put them in the calender because I don't know when people want them.

What else...still haven't finished putting up costume pix and organizing them. There's just SO MANY! What I need to do is order Breaking Bad again on the tv and do it while watching that. Good show. 'cept my silly roommate got all pissy that I ordered the first season through the tv. *rolls eyes*.

Speaking of eyes....I figured out that if I'm dehydrated and not drinking enough water my eyes feel overstrained. Soooo...because I'm sooo cool...instead of just drinking more water, I found the "orange flavored" salt hydration packets they gave us when my parents and I went to Egypt. In 2010. 

They still work though. Taste like ass, but still work. (and NO, I've never tasted ass,it's an expression you freaks!)

Okay, off now. 


Oh, and I've got five ADORABLE hairless rat babies that were born 12/26/14 if anyone wants a few--BUT NO FEEDERS!!

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