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Good Lord!

Posted by camryngypsy on September 3, 2015 at 12:50 AM
Okay, so I haven't ranted in a while. Well, yes I have, I just haven't posted it. Anyhooters, all those crazy college kids are back in Allston...cute little buggers that they are. Ahhhh to be 22 again, excited about life, ready to take on the world, lofty ambitions, freedom from parents, yet still protected from the horrors of the Real World such as jobs, bills, the IRS, etc... Not that I'm a bitter old single 44-year old woman stressing out because I'm running a business by myself, of course. Noooo...not me.... Are you kiddin??? I wouldn't be under 40 again if you paid me! Soooo happy to be where I am now-when you stop caring what other people think, don't take crap from anyone, know that the most important ambition in Life is to help others and make them feel good (sappy, but true), and the best part of being over 40--letting my own personality shine through without apologies. Really, and for true. Plus I'm physically in better shape than I've EVER been (thank you Rebounding Boots and Pole Dancing). Plus the whole Mediumship thing is really cool too. Started about 6 years ago-I never tried to be a medium, it just started happening. It's EXTREMELY humbling because Someone (God, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Anubis, etc) thought I was worthy enough to let Spirits who have passed communicate through me, a former stripper, church scholar, and general commoner. I've done THOUSANDS of readings over the years, and the accuracy astonishes me. I do readings at the parties at my studio, and for students who have joined a weekly class or bought a package. I just offer to see if anyone is coming thru, and someone always has a message for someone. I do that seperately too-$50 for about an hour, by phone or in studio, so if you want a reading shoot me an email at Info@gypsyrosedancing.com and we'll set something up. I really have to start documenting and posting the readings I do (minus names of course, to protect the innocent). If you check out my personal Facebook page I usually post them on there, but really must update the website too. Well, must go. Emails to be answered. Tootles! Wendy

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