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Posted by camryngypsy on November 18, 2015 at 1:05 PM


Sometimes you see things that are so horrible, so evil, so indescribable that the human mind cannot conceive of such an act against Mankind and all that is Good and Just.


Yet you can't look away...your mind tries, nay--craves--to understand how the God can permit such atrocities that are so heinous, so wrong, yet so desirable.


I recently gazed upon such foulness...such foulness that could be born only from the loins of Satan himself!


Yet I could not look away, no matter how much I wanted to gouge out my own eyeballs to stop the torture, the Madness, the downward spiral into Insanity from which I know I shall never recover!


So of course I ordered this stuff for the studio Costume Photo Shoots because really, how could I not?

I'd never forgive myself if I didn't share the fun!


Because really, haven't you always wanted to dress up as a jellyfish? Haven't you secretly desired the experience of wearing something so hideously tacky, and taking pictures in it?


OMG how fun would a Tacky Photo Album be?? You could wear the tackiest, silliest costumes I own and play it totally straight in the pictures, like you're the SEXIEST THANNNGG EVAHHH!

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