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New Costume Photo Packages Coming Soon!

Posted by camryngypsy on November 18, 2015 at 1:15 PM

Costume Photo Shoot Info and Packages Coming Sooonnn!!!

Think of the FUN you can have creating your own Christmas Cards, 2016 Calendars, Boudoir Christmas Books, Personal Inspiration Photos, and more!



Actually what would be REALLY cool, if I can get 12 or so Biblical-type costumes, is to have your friends and/or family come in and do like a Last Supper Reenactment (you know, all looking in different directions, whispering to each other, striking dramatic "Last Supper" poses).


Or any Renaissance (yes I can spell that word off the top of my head, thanks to my Masters Degree in Medieval History, which we all know is useful in the real world) or or Baroque dramatic work of art. The more serious you play it, the funnier it is. It's alll about the DRAMA people...all about the Drama!


Actually my mom and Dad (aka Joannie Arizonee and Desert Dad) are visiting from Arizona for Thanksgiving, so I've already roped them into being my models for the 2016 Reardon Family Calendar entitled, "The History of the World According to Mom and Dad".


And I shall dress them both up in costumes ranging from Neanderthal to Egyptian to Roman to Medieval to Victorian to 1920s Gangsters to 1950s pinup all the way through to FUTURISTIC, when I will make my dad wear this HIDEOUS silver foil jacket and matching pants. I'm not kidding. I'm going to do it. Teeheee...poor dad! He's such a sport!


Will be posting examples with the 14+ photo backgrounds that I just got in so you can see how versatile and CREATIVE we can be at the studio with all my ten zillion costumes you can wear too. Okay, well not ten ZILLION, but literally over 1000.


However when you have to drag half of them to the laundromat each Monday to clean them after the weekend Bachelorette, Birthday Parties, and Girls Nights Out we have, it feels like ten ZILLION.


Ten. F'n. Zillion.





PS-check the Facebook page for more pix. Tried to copy and paste here, but it's not working for some reason so I'm going to have some tea. 'Course if I knew what the silly Facebook page 'address' is, that would help, but it's Gypsy Rose Dancing on Facebook. Look it up...I'm sure you can find it. You're smart like that.

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