Give the Gift of You
to Yourself
or Your Significant Other!

Private Costume Photo Shoots by Appointment

I took the following pictures on the client's iphones. Some I played with the editing and coloring, some I just left because they were perfect as they were. I use YOUR phones or cameras to take the pictures, so you have complete control over them and don't have to worry about where they end up. My two models (who are my personal friends) here gave me permission to use their pictures on my website. Karen (the blond) had glamour shots done, and Amy did glamour MATERNITY fun!   --Wendy

Click on the pictures to see the full photo...

Create a Sexy Photo Book-FOR YOURSELF 
(to remind yourself in the coming year just how INCREDIBLY SEXY YOU ARE)
Or Create a Sexy Photo Book-For Your Significant Other
(to remind him/her in the coming year just how INCREDIBLY SEXY YOU ARE)
Personal Inspiration
Christmas Cards
2018 Calendars
Boudoir Photo Albums
Family Portraits
Retirement Photos
Bridal Parties
Engagement Photos
Just Something FUN and Different to Do!

Using super-sexy lighting, I will shoot pictures of you -using YOUR own camera or camera phone (the above pictures were ALL taken on an iPhone 5, and just using the simple built-in effects. 

Then, you can crop them and use built-in effects to create unbelievably sexy, dramatic, or even funny photo albums for a fraction of the cost of professional photo shoots-but with the same amazing results!

I'll also let you use my personal costume jewelry, really expensive costumes, and funky props that I've brought back from my world travels.

Also, I'll find ALL the appropriate props for you, take the pictures with creative lighting from all different angles, and direct your poses  so you look your best.

Pricing Sale!
$98/1.5 hours/person
(1/2 Hour Mediumship Readings can be added on for an additional $40, time permitting)

How to Purchase for Yourself and Schedule:

1. Purchase the Session by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

2. When you know when you want to have your Photo Shoot, email and give us three different dates/times that would work for you for an hour and a half (or 2 hours if you want to add the Mediumship Reading)

3. We'll email you back with a date/time confirmation (we'll try to get in your first choice), as well as a form with questions about your shoot (sizing, costume ideas, etc), and a space for you to give us any other information so we can pull costumes and props in your sizes. This way we'll be ready to go as soon as you get here so you use the entire time you've paid for. 

If you are purchasing a Costume Photo Session as a Gift:

1. Purchase the Session by Clicking on the Buy Now button below.

2. EMAIL US at and let us know the recipient's name and mailing address and we'll print out a Gift Certificate and mail it that day (or we can simply email you the Gift Certificate and you can print it out and give it to them).

3. When the recipient is ready to schedule, have them EMAIL US and give us three dates/times that work for them and we'll go from there. There is NO EXPIRATION on anything at Gypsy Rose, so they can schedule whenever they'd like.
Preparation for Your Shoot:

1. Use heavier makeup than usual and bring it with you for touch-ups (hair spray too).
2. Have your  makeup/hair DONE AND READY TO GO BEFORE you arrive. You can do it here, but that cuts into your photo time.
3. Charge your Cameras and Phones to FULL CAPACITY.
4. Make sure there is enough storage so you don't have to waste time deleting pictures when you're here.
5. SHOWER and use deodorant before you come here-we don't want ya stankin' up our costumes for the next person.
6. Wear nude-color shorts and bra so you can just change quickly from one costume to the next (and I'm sure you're attractive, but I really don't want to see anything pink).
7. Arrive 15 minutes early--so check our Directions Page so you know where we are. The entrance is on the Pizzeria Regina side of the building, and we're on the Second Floor. We're usually going back to back so if you get lost and call Wendy will be busy with another client and won't be able to take the time to give you directions over the phone, so PLEASE PRINT OUT A MAP, and be VERY WARY of GPS, as we've found that GPS systems tend to bring people the longest, most confusing way here.
8. Bring water or something non-alcoholic to drink if you'd like, and make sure you eat too. There's nothing worse than doing this hungry.
9. Bring a playlist of music on your phone or cd we can use for background music. You don't have to, I've got plenty of course, but it would just be more fun to listen to music that you like while we're doing this.

Cancellation Policy:

1. You will get a full refund if you cancel 24 HOURS before your shoot. Anything less than that and you can reschedule with the credit of whatever you paid.
2. If you're late it cuts into your time because we are often booked back-to-back and CANNOT go over time, and there are NO REFUNDS if you are late.
3. You MUST text or call Wendy's PERSONAL CELL PHONE at 617.824.0349 if you are going to be late, need to cancel, or need to reschedule. Do NOT just call the studio phone.