Costume Photo Sessions!

Something Fun and UNIQUE to Do!

Private Costume Photo Shoots 

Using Our Costumes/Props/Backgrounds

Using super-sexy lighting, Wendy will shoot pictures of you and/or your group-using YOUR own camera or camera phone. 

Then, you can crop them and use built-in effects to create unbelievably sexy, dramatic, or even funny photo albums for a fraction of the cost of professional photo shoots-but with the same amazing results!

Christmas Cards
2016 Calendars
Family Portraits
Personal Inspiration

$78/Hour Total (1 person)
$88/Hour Total (two people-couples, etc)
$138/Hour Total (groups of three or more)

Email [email protected] and give us three dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to get in your first choice.

You Can Create:

  • A 2016 Calendar for your Parents
  • A 2016 Calendar for Your Kids 
  • (this ain'ta just fer the youngins!)
  • A History of the World According to (your name) 
  • A Sexy Photo Album
  • A Friends Photo Album
  • Motivational Pictures for Yourself
  • Crazy Couples Albums

And with all the amazing Photo Apps out there, you can make your pictures into Dramatic Illustrations, Olde Time Photos, etc.!

to See a Partial Catalog of our Costumes and Backgrounds

Do It For...

  • YOURSELF--Fun and Sexy--or as a New YOU Inspiration!
  • Engagement Photos
  • Bridal Party Photos
  • Christmas Cards-can you IMAGINE!
  • Retired? A grandmother or grandfather? GREAT FOR YOU TOO!
  • Men-have some costumes for you too
  • Something unique and fun to do with Friends home on Break
  • Couples
  • Family Christmas Cards
  • High School Friends
  • College Friends
  • Sororities
  • Any Kind of Group!

I've also got a zillion props to go with the costumes as well as:
  • Plants/Trees (fake)
  • Carnival Masks
  • Large White Ostrich Feather Fans
  • Electrical 12-inch Orb Balls (with the blue lightning inside)
  • Gloves
  • Stripper Boots/Shoes
  • Ho' Hair (fake ponytails)
  • Candles
  • Mirrors to pose with
  • Several exciting sparkly backgrounds

You can pose on our:
  • Poles
  • High Heel Shoe Chairs
  • Sexy black couch
  • Red Velour vintage 1970's couch
  • Giant Bean Bag Soccer Ball

Hi Everyone!

It's Wendy, the owner. As I'm sure you all know, we have TONS of costumes here at Gypsy Rose for you to borrow when taking classes or attending the parties. What you don't know is that there are two kinds of costumes...The Good Stuff (i.e. my personal costumes) and the Commoners' Stuff (you all, of course, being the commoners).

Well, I played dress up with my own costumes a few weeks ago and had a friend take pix with my iPhone and it was so much fun! I forgot how many zillions of personal costumes I have and so I thought...Hmmm...if I had such a fun time dressing up, I bet EVERYONE ELSE would too!

Let's get this straight though...this is NOT strictly sexy budoir photography for women. This is FUN Photography! You know how everyone has those Western-style pictures with everyone dressed from the Wild West? Well, it's kind of like that, but wayyyy more fun. I have to take pix of ALLL the costumes/props, including my own. Going to try to get that up ASAP, but it's a LOT!

Therefore the Costume Catalog is NOWHERE NEAR complete, but I'm working on it every day.

And the examples below and on the Catalog page are NOT examples of the kinds of pix I take--those are just silly selfies for the most part. The ones I take for Foto Fatale will be MUCH more artistic with  directed lighting and posing, etc. I just wanted to get some pix up of the costumes you can wear...

For Inspiration

Madonna is always ReInventing Herself--Watch these montages of her videos and get EXCITED about

Reinventing YOURSELF!