Ok, so people are bitching that my website is too confusing, soooo I'm in the process of trying to make it simpler. On this page I'm simply listing everything that we offer here, and linking the items to their own pages with descriptions. Until that is done, just go to the Classes page and you can see descriptions of the classes in detail, or go to the schedule page to see when we offer them.

A lot of these classes are one-time classes, so I'll be putting those in all throughout December, since people have a general fear of committing to a Weekly Class Schedule during all the silly holidays *grunt*.

If you want to do one of these classes and you can't find it on the schedule, just EMAIL US and give us three dates/times that work for you and we'll try to get in your first choice.

I'm also going to try to put in Rebounding Fitness Classes several times a week so you can get a start the fitness thing before the whole "New Year, New You!" bullshi--errr....inspiring philosophy...yeah...that's it...inspiring philosophy...takes over in mid-December.  


Combination Classes

Pole/Rebounding (Strictly Fitness)

Chair/Rebounding (Strictly Fitness)

Floor/Rebounding (Strictly Fitness)

Pole/Mediumship Reading

Chair/Mediumship Reading

Floor/Mediumship Reading

Rebounding/Mediumship Reading

Feel Like A Woman/Mediumship Reading

Private Lessons/Mediumship Reading

Sexy Photo Shoot/Mediumship Reading

-Or Create Your Own Combination Class-

Just EMAIL [email protected] and tell us what you want to do!