Love Valentine's Day

 We Offer:
The Private Couple's Champagne Room Class
The Three-Week "Dance For Your Man" Session
*Words are always way cooler when you spell them the European way

The Champagne Room 
Couple's Private Lap Dancing Class

You'll Learn in Great Detail:

  • Sexy Floor Routine
  • How to Really Turn Him On With a REAL Strip TEASE
  • Lap Dancing
  • Attitude
  • 1.5 Hours of Teaching, the last half hour Wendy leaves and you can do private dances, however, there is NO SEX because if Wendy isn't getting any, you aren't either! (Well "any" meaning in her own personal life, NOT from your partner...ewwww!)

Two Hours

He'll be observing and offering his commentary throughout and of course he will be your lap dancing dummy to practice on. 

To schedule this Private Class EMAIL and give us three possible dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to get in your first choice.

The Dance For Your Man

Four-Week Session

In these four 90-minute classes you'll learn how to do a sexy, classy strip-tease and lap dance for your man that will have him BEGGING for more!  We'll cover Sexy Floor Routines, CLASSY, timed strip-teases, Lap Dancing (we have kind of creepy dummies to practice on), how to dress your sexiest for YOUR body type, tips and tricks (so to speak) that add that much more MMMMMMMMMM  to your performance!

AND...We'll teach you how to NOT break up laughing in the middle of your dance!


-1.5 Hours per Class

-Four Consecutive Weeks

-FOUR or less women PER CLASS--because we care that YOU, INDIVIDUALLY LEARN!

-Unlimited FREE Practice Time

-$178 per person (pays for the Entire 6 Hour, 4 week session, and breaks down to only $29/hour)

We're serious about you putting on a great show, so here are some things to think about before your first class:


1. Determine WHAT THE MOOD and PURPOSE OF YOUR DANCE IS--like what's the message you're trying to convey? Do you want to be slow and sultry (Paula Cole-Feelin' Love, TLC-Red Light Special, Madonna-Erotica; fun and upbeat (anything Lady Gaga or Britney),  Rocker-leather-super 'ho-take charge-he's yo' bitch (Def-Leopard-Pour Some Sugar on Me, Nine Inch Nails-Closer **REALLY sexy**, "Cherry Pie", etc.).


2. Bring the song that you are going to dance to (or at least have a few choices). You need to know this song backwards and forwards, and it must really move you, it must make you feel strong and sexy. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters. Don't dance to a song just because he likes it--it's your dance, YOU must like it.We have music here-but your music is the most important aspect of your dance so please really think about your selection.  


3. Bring the costume/outfit that you intend on wearing (if it's see through PLEASE wear a bra and skibbbbies! I don't want to see anything pink!) or something similar. If you will be wearing nylons bring  crappy pair so you won't have to worry if they run.  Please check out our What to Wear page too for more hints, and you can also borrow anything of ours. 


4. Decide where you're going to do this, as in where will he be sitting, will you be on rug or carpet, where will you come in from, what will he be sitting on, how will you turn on the music, is this a surprise, etc.


Please remember there is NO POLE in the Dance For Your Man Session!

Click HERE to see the Schedule and Register.


Be creative and match up your songs with your costumes. For great costume selection (ALWAYS CALL to order, otherwise shipping will take a long time) try: (check their clearance shoes/boots/costumes first) (more expensive but an UNBELEVEABLE selection--will really get you thinking creatively).

If you want to do a session on dates/times that aren't listed, just EMAIL US  with three dates/times that would work for three consecutive weeks and we'll try to get in your first choice.

We also do Private Lessons--just one-on-one with Wendy, for as many classes as you'd like until you feel confident:

One 90 Minute Private Lesson-$78

One 60 Minute Private Lesson-$48

But please note there is NO POLE in the private DFYM sessions.

Email us at and give us three dates/times that would work for you and we'll try to get in your first choice.

Private Boudoir Photo Shoot

Using YOUR camera, Wendy will pose you on our Poles, High Heel Shoe Chairs, Slinky Black Couch, and of course our Life-Size Champagne Glass and using YOUR camera, will take as many pictures as possible in your time frame.

She'll use special lighting, and you are allowed to wear any of our over 1000 costumes (but she won't let you wear something if it doesn't compliment your body), shoes/boots/props, etc. 

And where did Wendy learn how to take pictures? She was a hand model in college (made about $7500 off her hands) and would watch the Production Directors look at each photo in detail for shadows, tags showing, backgrounds, etc to ensure that everything was perfect for the ad.

Wendy does the same thing, and with the addition of our 22+ Selfie-Studio Photo Backdrops, your Boudoir Photo Book is going to be more creative, exciting, alluring, and sensual than you could get anywhere else. And for a FRACTION of the cost! 


Email and give us three dates/times for whatever time frame you want, and we'll try to get in your first choice. We'll also speak extensively about what ideas you have and costumes you may want as well as your shoe/clothing sizes so Wendy can have it all ready and laid out for you on the day of your shoot.

The following photos were taken by Wendy on the model's iPhone 5.