Our LAST DAY for Parties is Saturday, December 29!

Bachelorette, Birthday & Girls Night Out Parties

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Each Bachelorette, Birthday Girl, or Coordinator of a Girls Night Out Can Get Her Picture Taken in Our Custom-Built

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Girls Night Out 
Going Away
College Reunion
Surviving Illness
New Baby 
Divas of Your Dynasty

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 How to Book a Party

 Gypsy Rose differs from other studios because we offer more than just two hours of straight pole dancing (that long duration would be painful for anyone's arms!).

You see, at Gypsy, EVERYONE has the opportunity to change into crazy clubwear, watch a hilarious yet amazing dance from an instructor,  learn the Strut, a simple Sexy Floor Routine, Several Airborne Pole Swings, a Chair Dance Routine, the imfamous Dollar Bill Trick, and your Special Girl even gets a cheezy "Official Exotic Dancer" Certificate.

So you know that EVERYONE will like SOMETHING, ergo....

EVERYONE will have a Great Time!

Here's What Happens At Parties

--Participants have the option to dress up in CLEAN Clubwear/costumes/platform boots (or wear whatever you'd like)

--They watch a crazy dance by the instructor

--And Learn:

  • The Sexy Strut
  • A Floor Routine
  • Three Airborne Pole Swings
  • A Chair Dance Routine
  • How to pick up a dollar bill with their butts

Then the Bachelorette or Birthday Girl gets to do a dance like the instructor did at the beginning ONLY IF SHE WANTS TO, using the floor, chair, and pole while all her friends cheer her on! 

And to make her day truly special, the Instructor will then present her with a Certificate proclaiming she is now an Official Exotic Dancer (totally cheezy but fun!).

She will remember this crazy party for the Rest of her Life (and beyond)!

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EVERY GIRL Will Get Her Money's Worth


EVERY GIRL In the Party Will Find Something She's Good At

And so...

EVERY GIRL Will  Feel Proud of Herself

Which will cause...


Great Time!


Wendy (the owner & your instructor) is a medium. 

She never tried, it started happening about six years ago (although she doesn't get the lottery numbers, 'cause she did try for those). 

If your party gets here 15 minutes before your scheduled start time and are READY TO GO at your start time, Wendy will do a reading for your Party.


Some people are uncomfortable or scared of medium/psychic readings, and that's TOTALLY FINE. Just let us know and we won't even mention it.

She has no control over who comes through-HOWEVER SHE ONLY ALLOWS SPIRITS OF THE LIGHT TO COME THROUGH. 

Therefore, whichever spirit is strongest or has the most important message will come through for someone in the group or someone they know. 

So to be frank, Frank, Wendy's readings are not about the future, they're about loved ones wanting to connect and send a message.

Wendy's done thousands of readings over the past six years, and she's incredibly accurate with those who wish to come through.

So look at that! You get a free Medium reading 
with your party! 


Oh, PS, and oftentimes more than one spirit will come through at a party, and some do after the initial reading, Wendy will of course talk to the person that the Spirit wants to communicate with .

See How Much Fun the Girls Are Having During the Instructor's Dance!

To Book All Parties:
(Please Note that Groupon and/or Living Social One Hit Wonder Vouchers CANNOT BE USED 

1. Fill out the Party Request Form to the right and submit.

2. We will respond to you as soon as we are able, usually within 24 hours, or rarely 48 hours, to let you know if your first choice time is available. If you can *ONLY* do a certain time slot, choose the same time slot for your second and third choices.

---Forms are answered in the order they are recieved, and we do our best to accommodate everyone's first choice. If we have to put you in your second or third choice and that won't work for you, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP.

3. Once we confirm a time and date via email, you have 24 HOURS to  put down the $160 deposit (via credit card on this page) which pays for four girls, anyone else pays that night in cash or check ONLY at the studio. If you prefer to use check or cash for your deposit, please let us know that in the Additional Information area on the Party Form.

---If someone other than the coordinator is placing the deposit, the coordinator MUST email us to let us know, otherwise we have no way of knowing that the deposit belongs to you.

---If you use someone else's credit card, please be sure to let them know that you used it! We do not want Paypal accusing us of fraud when someone doesn't realize their credit card was used to book a party.

4. You MUST email us after you put down the deposit to let us know you've done it. (We have so many clients that for YOU to let US know is the best method)

5. When we confirm that you have paid, we will send you the Contract/Rules. This is your Official Confirmation that you are booked. You DO NOT NEED TO CONFIRM AGAIN.

6. You must bring the Contract/Rules with you--SIGNED by the coordinator--the day of the Party.

7. In the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before your party you will recieve an email titled "REALLY IMPORTANT INFO FOR YOUR PARTIES THIS WEEKEND" which will ask for your final count of Participants and Observers, as well as outline arrival times, parking info, what to wear, etc.

Book As Soon As You Can, as we often fill up months in advance!

How to Make the Party Deposit

Only after we have confirmed your date and time choice 

via the Party Form above

1.  Click on the Menu below and choose the Party Type you want.

2.  Follow the Payment Process.

3. You will receive a Paypal Receipt via email.  Forward that to Info@gypsyrosedancing.com and we'll get right back to you with a confirmation.

Party Option

1. All Parties are Private
(we do not mix parties)

2. One and a Half Hours (1.5 Hours)
       Pin-Up Parties are an hour.

3. $40/Person

4. Set Party Time Slots
(see Form Below for Time Choices)

5. Pictures/Videos ALLOWED

6. Ages 18+
(younger with signed waiver from parent-we'll corrupt anyone!)

Make Sure Your Bachelorette or Birthday Girl Remembers Her Gypsy Rose Experience FOREVER 
(here are just a FEW of our Many Items)


More Party Guidelines:

1. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. If an Instructor feels that someone is too drunk (stumbling, slurring words, etc.) she will ask that person to sit out, but they will still pay.  Coordinators--YOU are responsible for EVERYONE in your party, please do not let them get drunk as that will be very uncomfortable for everyone.

2. If you decide that you don't want to do your party at any time, PLEASE just shoot us a quick email to let us know, so we can release the spot instead of trying to chase you down.

3. ONLY IF YOU WANT A PARTY IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS, you may call Wendy's personal cell phone at 617-824-0349. (DO NOT call for general information that can be found on the website, or to book a party more than 24 hours in advance--otherwise Wendy will slap ya upside the head!)

5. Forms sent in between Fridays at 3pm and Sundays at 7pm may not be answered until Monday. All forms are answered in the order they are received.

6. You MUST arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled start time.

But Wait! There's More!

2. Yes of course you can take pictures and videos!

3.If you are late we cannot go over time. Please keep traffic and rush hour in mind.

4.We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your party so you can begin on time.

5.You can wear whatever you want, although you can wear yoga pants and t-shirts any ol' day. They bring their own sexywear, or they can change into our costumes/clubwear/boots/shoes. EVERYTHING is washed after each use so it is guaranteed clean.

6.You MUST wear our sweatproof socks if you wear our boots--otherwise our boots stink.

7. We do not pressure anyone to dress up. No one has to and we don't mind if nobody changes.

8.There is NO NUDITY and NO WEIRD TOUCHING. And no pasties. Those are gross.

9.We do allow 15 minutes after the scheduled start of your party for everyone to change in our Costume Room. Any time after that cuts into your party time.

10.There is no alcohol allowed! If you bring alcohol for later, we will store it behind the desk for you (although the desk girl will probably take a swig or two and no doubt backwash chunks, as she is wont to do).

11. Please bring water in CLEAR BOTTLES ONLY--you will all get thirsty.

12.If the instructor feels that anyone is too drunk to participate safely, she will kindly ask the freakin' drunk (or rather...inebriated client) to sit out. This usually does not make said drunk feel very good, and they usually pull an embarrasing hissy fit and leave. Tough. THEY STILL PAY.Therefore, coordinators, you are responsible for everyone in your party to make sure they don't get drunk.

13. We define "Freakin' Drunk" as anyone slurring their words, stumbling, or acting wayyyy too crazy. And please, for the Love of Your Favorite Deity, do not tell us that "She is always like that!" or "She's just happy!". We can tell when someone is drunk.

14. A buzz is fine. Most parties have a few drinks beforehand and may be a little buzzed, and that's okay.

15. Bringing Food--The way the parties are set up, there is really no time for cake-eating (you may ask anyway, in case our second studio is free. (However, you MUST provide a large piece of said cake for Wendy. She needs to feed her cavities too).

16. Cancellation Policy: If you cancel completely at least THREE WEEKS prior to your confirmed party date and time, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel WITHIN THREE WEEKS of your confirmed party date and time, we will issue you a full refund ONLY if we are able to fill your party time slot, otherwise you get the $160 deposit credit for another Party to schedule whenever you can. 

I can be flexible with some situations, however, if you have to cancel or reschedule at 'the last minute' (ie within a week of your party), don't be a jerk. Just don't be. Don't DEMAND a refund or EXPECT a refund, and for the love of God do NOT give me attitude or threaten me if I don't refund you *rolls eyes*.  Just very politely ask if a refund is possible, although you know it may not be depending on whether or not we can fill your time slot. The nicer and more humble you are to me, the nicer I will be to you. 

The reason we have to be so strict about the timing on party refunds is because when we're super busy in Bachelorette Season (May-October), we turn away a LOT of parties because we're so booked up. So if you cancel a week before your party, chances are we've already turned people away and so they've made other plans, and so we've lost out. This is how EVERY BUSINESS works, we have to protect our interests and prevent people from simply cancelling on a whim.

17. WEATHER--If inclement weather, Judgement Day, or any other angry Act of God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Zeus, Ganesha, Allah, and/or Anubis, that could potentially make traveling into the city dangerous occurs, Wendy will email the coordinator as soon as possible, perhaps days in advance, to ask what your party wants to do. Wendy can come in in any weather, as she has a 4x4 standard truck (who needs a boyfriend?) and if she gets into an accident chances are she will be the Squishee, as opposed to the Squish-ed.  Refunds will be given if the party cannot reschedule, and all efforts will be made to reschedule the party.

19.Men/Husbands/Boyfriends are NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH a party, under any circumstances, mainly 'cause Wendy don't dance for free, sistah,and to allow men to watch would be considered Adult Entertainment, and we do not have, nor will ever want, an Adult Entertainment permit.

20.Gay men, of course, are welcome to watch and/or participate, as they are always tons of fun.

21.You will NOT get sweaty or need showers after your party.

22.You will change back into your going-out clothes in your studio, but we are almost always booked back-to-back, so we do boot you out after you redress. We do have a bathroom with two stalls and a large mirror that you can use to freshen up before you go out.

23.On the Monday before your party you will receive an email asking you for the FINAL number of participants. If the number is sixteen (16) or more, you will be responsible for paying for the number of participants you have quoted (even if they bail at the last minute), as an instructor or two will have been hired for your party.

24.Coordinators MUST Bring the contract with you, signed, the night of the party.

25.Coordinators MUST collect the entire payment before you get to Gypsy Rose so she can hand it to the Desk Girl in one lump sum.

26.GIRLS CAN DECIDE AT THE STUDIO IF THEY WANT TO PARTICPATE OR NOT, and we will collect their payment either before or after the class.

27.Observers can do the Strut and the Dollar Bill Trick for free.

28.If an Observer does just a part of the party (Chair, Floor, or Pole), they will pay the $40.

29.Observers ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JUST "TRY A SWING" ON THE POLE. The poles are for the girls who are paying for instruction.

30.Any Instructor has the right to eject any person, at any time or for any reason, from the premises. We've never had to do this in the past, but we will if we must. Because we are tough. Grrr.