Practice Time at Gypsy Rose!

We have two studios in our space, so as long as I'm there you can come in and practice with the poles, 

the chairs, the floor, the costumes, whatever you'd like.


$20/Hour (for non-Weekly Session Clients; Weekly Session Clients get free unlimited Practice Time)


When I get around to it I'll figure out how to make it so that you can schedule your own time on the schedule, but I've been sitting here for hours and my eyes are killing me so we'll do this later.

In the meantime, if you want to practice, you must EMAIL, and give us your first three date/time choices when you want to practice. 

Same day is okay too.


Don't just rely on calling the studio, as I'm not always there, 

and if I don't know you definitely DO NOT text or call my cell phone. 

EMAIL. because I check it constantly.


If you're one of my clients then you can text my cell phone (617.824.0349) but for the LOVE OF GOD, 


When you text give me a TIME you want to come in, 

(don't just ask if there's any available time because if I'm teaching or busy I have to think about that-give me a definite time and I can tell you yes or no right away.)



(Thank you jerks who wrote bad checks)


If you tell me you're coming in to practice and then you blow it off WITHOUT giving me at LEAST an hour's notice, you'll have to pay online beforehand for your next practice session,

This is because we've only got four poles in the back studio, therefore only FOUR people can practice (unless I'm not teaching in the big studio with five poles) so I make sure that 20 people don't show up.

So YES, IT MATTERS if you change your mind.

If I confirm your practice time, you are GUARANTEED a Pole.


You MUST CONFIRM your practice time-don't just show up, as there may not be any poles available. I mean, you CAN just show up if you want, but if you show and I'm about to leave...see ya! 


Plus you don't want to get there and see that I'm not there (if a class cancels and I have no more classes that day I'm outttta there!)


If you're taking classes at Gypsy and you want a friend to come with you and watch you practice, that's okay, but you are NOT ALLOWED TO TEACH YOUR FRIEND ANYTHING. They are there to watch, that's it.


No, boyfriends cannot watch because other girls may be there too.


Other girls practicing are there to practice too. 

They ARE NOT ALLOWED to teach you ANYTHING, no matter what (insurance reasons)


Bring an ipod or smartphone and earbuds for your music