What to Wear

Wear whatever you'd like.

Why: Because you have to be able to move around the pole comfortably. You can wear sweatpants and a t-shirt, workout clothing, or even just shorts and tank top.  

However, if you want to throw some 'sassy' into your pole workout and feel differently both physically and emotionally, we offer very secure, stable, and comfortable platform boots in all sizes (you MUST wear OUR sweat-proof socks with our boots), and  a costume room full of clean crazy clubwear you could borrow if you REALLY want to step out of your every-day life. 

As far as shoes, boots protect your feet so you won't have to worry about bashing them on the pole while you're learning, but you can also wear your own heels, sneakers, sandals, or even go barefoot.  

We don't care what you wear, as long as you wear something.

We have an entire costume room full of CLEAN costumes/dresses that are washed after each use. We provide clean socks and booty shorts as well as shoes/boots. 


Participants can bring whatever they want of their own to wear. The main rule in the costume room is "If it's pink we don't want to see it!" (and we're not talking about clothing). 

There is NO NUDITY ALLOWED. Or Pasties. Those are creepy.

 ...and How to Prepare

1. Print out the map/directions from our Contact page so you know where you're going. We can't go over time if you're late.

2. Bring water to drink

3. Bring a playlist of music on cd, ipod, or cell phone that you know and like and that makes you feel strong and sexy. We may or may not use your music in class, but be prepared anyway.

4. Check out our What to Wear page

5. PLAN TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY so you can change, stretch, etc., so we can start RIGHT at your scheduled start time. 

6. The time you take in the dressing room cuts into your class time.


8. If the weather is bad and classes are cancelled, we will post on our Home Page ONLY, at least four hours before your schedule class time. If nothing is posted, then your class is ON. However if you're coming from far away and the weather is worse there, then please call Wendy's cell phone directly at 617-824-0349 AND shoot us a quick email and you can reschedule. 

9. If you have a Daily Deal Voucher--PRINT IT OUT AND BE READY TO HAND IT IN when you get here.

Rules & Regs:

1. No Call, No Show, No Excuses. No Exceptions.

2. If you need to cancel out of a Single Class--CANCEL YOURSELF OUT ONLINE. You do NOT need to email or call us.

3. FOUR HOUR CANCELLATION on Single Classes, and you can reschedule, no problem. Less than four hours notice, you lose the class. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. Daily Deal Vouchers (Groupon, Bloomspot, LIving Social DO NOT EXPIRE. EVER. No matter WHEN you bought them, or what the expiration date on the voucher says.

5. No cash refunds. Credit ONLY toward a future CLASS (NOT party)

6. Men CANNOT WATCH classes ('cause Wendy don't dance fo' free!)

7. Pictures/Videos OKAY, of only the Instructor, you, or your friends. Don't take pix of someone else if they don't want you to. That's rude.

8. If you're going to be late, EMAIL US from your phone, as sometimes only Wendy is teaching and can't answer the phone.

9. NO ALCOHOL whatsoever.

10. You must arrive in STREET CLOTHES and change at the studio.

11. If you want to switch a class, cancel yourself out online, then sign up for the class you want because you'll still have the online credit. 

12. If you have a Daily Deal Voucher--Groupon, Living Social, or Bloomspot--those ARE NOT interchangeable for ANY class or party at Gypsy Rose, no matter if the price is the same because in reality, it isn't. You see, out of a $40 class, they cut it in half to $20, then THEY TAKE 1/2 of that, which leaves us with only $10 profit. THAT'S why vouchers are NOT interchangeable with classes.

13. We're pretty reasonable and laid back. But RULES ARE RULES for a reason. Please do not be a jerk, or act like a spoiled brat and threaten to give us a bad Yelp review if you break a rule and don't get your way. 

14. To get good customer service means you need to be a Good Customer. You'll get more out of us if you're nice than if you act like a jerk.

15. Not open on Holidays, so the Weekly Class will skip a week.

16. We are a school like any other--Boston Center for Adult Education, etc., so just like there, if you miss a class, you deal with it. 

17. Class time is for TEACHING, not talking about personal lives. If the INSTRUCTOR engages you in personal conversation, she will watch the clock and add on the time she was talking to the end of the class.  If YOU engage the personal conversation, we will NOT go over time.

18. We love you!!!