My Mediumship  Gift

Yes, I am a Medium.

I don't try, it just started happening around 2011. 

This means that people who have passed can come through me to give messages to their loved ones, or sometimes someone will come through with a message for someone that the client knows. I never know who is going to come through or what they're going to say. However if you tell me specifically who you want to communicate with, I can usually get them.

My website that explains this Gift in detail is:

I offer half-hour readings for $48 or one-hour readings for $98, which can be done in my Studio, Gypsy Rose Dancing or via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Live, or your location (time permitting and travel fees apply).

Readings usually consist of a combination of departed Loved Ones validating their existence on the Other Side, and coming through with advice and messages of Love, as well as Spirit Guides. 

In the case of suicides, overdoses, or sudden deaths, Spirits will offer, through their loving messages, a sense of closure as they surround you with their Infinite Love.

So, if you're feeling lost in life, or at a crossroads...of if you're feeling like you've got a mid-life crisis (and you're nowhere near mid-life!) or you're carrying some kind of dark, self-inflicted guilt, come see what your Spirit Guides have to say...

If there is someone you particularly want to connect with, just give me their FIRST NAME on the booking sheet (you'll see where it asks for their name). THAT IS ALL.

Oftentimes your Spirit Guide (s) will also communicate through me with Life Coaching Advice (which I call a Soul Reading) and any other information that you need to know, or with simple validations for deep feelings and thoughts you've had on your life issues.

I've been channeling Spirits who have passed for about seven years and I've read hundreds of people: clients, friends, family…anyone who needs to hear a message from someone on the Other Side, including store cashiers and bank tellers who don't know I'm a medium. I don't tell them either, but their loved ones have something to say and so by GOD they're going to have it said.

And as crazy and random as details and images may seem to me when I'm reading, they always seem to make sense to the client.

The most important thing, however, when I am reading you is for you to NOT TELL ME ANYTHING UNLESS I ASK. I don't want to be tainted in any way. The less I know the better. 

I am basically an interpreter. They show me images, and names, or parts of names, and send me feelings. My job, which is very difficult, is to try to interpret their images into something that the client will understand. They may show me an image that would mean something to me so that I can relate it to you. 

Therefore it may take me a few minutes to figure out what the message is, but they always have a message, even if it's just "Hi! I'm okay!"

In fact, I can tell a dead person's personality better than a live one's!

ALL spirits that I communicate with are in the Light. No matter what religion you are, there is the Light, what we Catholics call Heaven.

I often get many spirits that are still sad, and I can see a barrier over their heads, which to me means they have not entered into the Light yet because they were scared that they weren't good enough people for one reason or another. When this happens I tell the client how to cross them over, and only hope that they do it.

There has been one Spirit that was not in the Light. I didn't know where he was, and I didn't want to find out, but I felt he was not in the Light (he was not a good person). Even if people are jerks in real life, they can remain jerks in death, but they are STILL in the Light.  In fact, I've had many jerks come through, and it's actually pretty amusing.

Before I begin any reading I say a prayer of Protection, visualize myself and my client surrounded in the White Light, and ask that ONLY Spirits of the Light come through.

When the Spirit pulls back, it takes me a few minutes to "recover". Some readings take a LOT out of me energetically. I also am NOT a touchy-feely person at all. But there have been a handful of times when the Spirit compels me to hug the person and so I do. It's weird, I have to.

Depending on how strong and clear the Spirit is, I will suddenly begin speaking in the first person (using "I" instead of "he" or "she") because it's just easier that way, that the Spirit talks directly to the client. On occasion I've begun speaking like the deceased, not i Premium Accountn there exact voice, in my voice but with their mannerisms and unique words. 

When I read I go into a kind of trance and I stare at a random spot.  It feel like the top of my head has opened up and information and words are just flowing from above through my head and out my mouth.

I get what I can describe as butterflies in my tummy that start just under my tummy and flutter through my chest in a split second. That's the Spirits way of telling me I'm right.

I can also read living people around you. All I need is their name, nothing else. I can tell you about them and what their thoughts and motivations are.

I do not, however, get the winning lottery numbers because I tried. 

By GOD I tried!

If you can't do any of the appointment times offered on the calendar below,
and give me 3 dates/times that work for you and I'll try to get in your first choice. 
Keep in mind that I'm usually teaching at my studio nights and Saturdays, but the openings change weekly.

Quick Facts About My Readings

  • Do NOT tell me ANYTHING unless I ask.
  • If I'm not right about something-TELL ME-don't try to "make it fit".
  • I will tell you what I am honestly feeling, and will not change my reading if you say I'm wrong just so I can seem right.
  • I will tell you the truth, even if it's not the answer you want to hear.
  • Doesn't matter what religion you are.
  • I will NOT read you if you don't want me to (I know it scares a lot of people).
  • You might get a message for someone you know-and when that is done you can tell me who you want to talk with and I'll focus and see if I can get them.
  • I will NEVER read a person without their permission (i.e. I wouldn't read you just because you take a class and I'm nosy.)
  • I don't use Tarot Cards and don't know much about astrology, so your Zodiac sign makes no difference to me. I do use pendulums for myself, and can use pendulums with you if you'd like. 
  • Phone and internet chat readings are just as accurate as in-person readings
  • If you're not currently enrolled in any Weekly Class Sessions, the price for an hour reading is $98, which MUST be prepaid online.
  • If we are not "connecting" in the first TEN minutes, I will absolutely refund you.