Here's a Super-Quick Info Sheet to help determine which class is best for you.
Because we offer a LOT of Classes here at Gypsy Rose, and EVERY Class will give you a fitness workout 
(although we  prefer to focus on the FUN rather than the straight boring fitness)

Do you want a Single CLASS or a Weekly Class Session where you seriously LEARN skills
or did you want a one-time Party, like a Bachelorette, Birthday, or Girl's Night Out? 
(f you want a PARTY, go to and simply fill out the Party Form) 

      What is your motivation for taking classes?
Just Trying it Out/Something Fun To Do With Friends:
  • One Hit Wonder
  • Pole-on-the-Go
  • Chair Flair
  • Exxxotic Dancing
  • Rebounding Bouncy Boots Fitness
  • Bringing Girly Back!

Want to Feel Sexier, Need Something Daring and Exciting to Do, Looking for a Creative Project, Need Self-Confidence, Feeling Lonely, Need a Good Laugh, Fun Fitness Workout:
  • Beginner Weekly Session (Levels I, II, III, Masters)
  • Poultry-in-Motion Weekly Session
  • Private Lessons
  • Bringing Girly Back!

Do a Dance for Your Significant Other/Boudoir Photo Album:
  • Dance For Your Man Weekly Session (no pole)
  • Private Lessons
  • Selfie Studio

Become an Exotic Dancer/Do An Amateur Night:
  • Private Lessons 
  • Become An Exotic Dancer Weekly Session

        Are you interested in Private Lessons or Group Classes?

            --We only allow FOUR women per Weekly Session classes so you LEARNNN...MWHAHAAHA! 
            --Private Classes are also good because you can go at YOUR personal pace, and those can be scheduled one at a time, several
                times a week or even different days/times and focus on whatever YOU want to learn. 

Pole/Chair/Floor/Attitude/Striptease/LapDance/Crawling/Wall Dancing

The Beginner Session: (Levels I, II, III, IV, MASTERS)
  • You learn pole/chair/floor/wall/striptease/lapdance/attitude, etc
  • FOUR or LESS students per class because Wendy makes you LEARNNN
  • Once a week
  • Four weeks
  • 90 Minutes per class (hour and a half)
  • This session also includes UNLIMITED FREE PRACTICE TIME, you just have to text Wendy to make sure she'll be at the studio and hell, you could come in every day if you wanted to. 
  • $29/hour (remember most pole classes from other places are around $25/hour and you learn ONLY pole and can have 10-12 people PER CLASS, whereas here there are only FOUR or less and our classes are AN HOUR AND A HALF per class. 


If You are COMMITTED to Learning JUST Pole

1. Soul of the Pole single classes
Individual pole classes where you learn something new each time and are scheduled randomly throughout the month. Also, if you purchase five single Soul of the Pole Classes at once you'll get the 6th free. FIVE women max in this class. One Hour per class, $25pp

2. The Poultry in Motion 5-Class Weekly Session
(yes, 'poultry' like chickens)
If you want consistency, this One Hour Class meets once a week for five weeks with the same people at each class. ONLY FOUR women per this class session, and you build on each lesson. At the 5th class you learn simple inversions as well. Your goal in this session is to think of a song you may want to pole dance to, because that's when you get the best fitness workout-when you're actually using your pole moves in a dance. This session also includes UNLIMITED FREE PRACTICE TIME, you just have to text Wendy to make sure she'll be at the studio and hell, you could come in every day if you wanted to. $28/class

3. Felicia's or Pippy's Advanced Pole Classes (you MUST have previous pole experience or GREAT core and upper body strength)
The Beginner, Poultry-in-Motion, and Valentine's Day Dance For Your Man Weekly Sessions *can* be scheduled two or more times a week if that's what you'd prefer, as long as it fits into our schedule.

And if there's a time/date on any class that you want but isn't listed (because we don't know when people want classes so we just put them in the schedule randomly) , just email and give us three dates/times that would work for you for your first class and we'll try to get in your first choice. (with the exception of the One Hit Wonders).