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Memorial Day Weekend?

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Saturday, May 23

11:00am-11:30am..........Rebounding Bouncy Boots

Noon-1:30pm..................One Hit Wonder


3:00-4:00pm...................Chair, Floor, & More!

Sunday, May 24

11:00-11:30am...............Rebounding Bouncy Boots


1:15-2:15pm...................Chair, Floor, & More

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Owner of Gypsy Rose (and former Exotic Dancer) Wendy Reardon wrote

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Exotic and Pole Dancing

Looking for Something

SUPER-FUN to do 

with your Family and Friends?
With These Pictures You Can 
Also Create:

  • A 2015 Calender for your Parents
  • A 2015 Calender for Your Kids (this ain'ta just fer the youngins!)
  • A History of the World According to (your name) 
  • A Sexy Photo Album
  • A Friends Photo Album
  • Motivational Pictures for Yourself
  • Crazy Couples Albums (see below for ideas!)

And with all the amazing Photo Apps out there, you can make your pictures into Dramatic Illustrations!

So Grab Your Friends and Take a Class 
Just for Something Fun and DIFFERENT to Do This Weekend-
Even Make a Day of It
Do Brunch, Lunch, Drinks, and/or Dinner at a Sidewalk Cafe Before or 
After Your Class

The Lonely Goatherd
from The Sound of Music...ahhhh....
Because how can you NOT do a dance to this song when you have the dress? And you have the Goat?  WHEN. YOU. HAVE. THE. GOAT. 
Then I'm just screwin' around at class...teeheee...
I have no shame!--Wendy

I'm also a Church Scholar and wrote The Deaths of the Popes: Comprehensive Accounts Including Funerals, Burial Places, and Epitaphs (McFarland, 2004).

Im also a Medium, so if there's anyone dead you want to talk to, let me know but DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING UNLESS I ASK.

I never tried to be a medium, it just started happening a few years ago. I'm still afraid it's my imagination, but I've been wayyyy too accurate in the hundreds and hundreds of readings I've done for clients at the studio for it to be imagination. If you join a session I'll give you a free reading (provided there's time, or I can do it on the phone).

I don't get the lottery numbers though. I tried.



Sky Blue 
by Peter Gabriel

Hi Everyone!

This is Wendy, the owner of Gypsy Rose Dancing. I danced to Peter Gabriel's "Sky Blue" the other day, and watching my own dance inspired me to remind everyone that you don't need to do all kinds of fancy, inverted pole tricks to be a great pole dancer.
Pole Dancing has become so fitness-oriented that many studios have forgotten about the sexy and self-expressive roots of the art, and "pole dancing" itself is no longer actually dancing, but more aerial acrobatics.
The tragedy here is that the majority of women aren't physically able to do those crazy difficult inversions and body contortions, and feel so intimidated by what the pole studios and YouTube pole dancing society considers "great" that they abandon the idea of even trying to pole dance because they know they'll never be able to do what the young, buff instructors can do.
To be a great pole dancer does not mean that you have to be able to do all the Cirque-type pole moves. In fact, quite the opposite.  To be a great pole dancer means that you are using the pole as a form of personal expression as a way to interpret your feelings through music that is meaningful to YOU.
Some pole dancers even judge me because although I invert, I don't do all those acrobatic advanced pole moves, and so they don't think I'm a good pole dancer or that they can learn anything from me when the truth is...it's actually more difficult for them to learn my style of pole dancing because I don't depend entirely on airborne pole acrobatics. 
To learn the Gypsy Rose style of pole dancing has actually been quite a challenge for those 'advanced' pole dancers, and the ones who have tried it-have loved it!
At Gypsy Rose,  we welcome women of all shapes, sizes and ages, and although all pole dancing IS a fitness workout, we focus on teaching you not only how to use the pole to dance as a form of personal expression, but to use pole dancing to vent your feelings of anger, frustration, happiness, and of course...sexiness!
That, my friends, is REAL pole dancing!

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