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  • Reduce your body fat
  • Firm your arms
  • Improve the shape of your legs, hips and abdomen
  • Improve your balance
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system Strengthen your jointsmuscles and bones 
  • Get a Great Cardio Workout
  • Increase your energy

Rebounding makes a girl feel GREAT --

 It's Exercise for Your Body, Mind, and Soul! 


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Hi Everyone!

it's Wendy.

Goodness I have a headache! Don't you hate that? Spose I oughts to eat something, that may help. We have a small fridge in the studio now (Prayyyyyyyyyyyyss Jayyyyyysus!) so I can keep stuff cold overnight instead of coming in the next day and pretending the pizza I left here from the night before is just as pure as when it was delivered, over 12 hours previously. 

However, I think my immune system is better for it. I almost never get sick and I think it's because I'm not sterile...heeehee...I said I wasn't sterile.....I mean I'm not all hand-sanitizer (sp?) crazy. Which brings us to another  question that I pondered recently with my roomies (yes, I am 43 and have roommates. And yes, we pondered...) which is: If you don't pee on you hands when you go to the bathroom, do you still have to wash them? I do anyway, out of habit. One of my roomies said he did, of course, and my other roomie said rather condescendingly, "I was taught not to pee on my hands." Now mind you, I had just walked in from a day of teaching and the non-pee-on-hands-roomie greets me with, "Want some wine?" I hardly ever drink, but I had a glass. Then two. Then three. That was one of the many things pondered at the house that night...many things pondered...

Anyhooters, I put in a bunch more classes and updated the schedule, and added a new class "Chair, Floor, and More!" which is just a chair/floor/attitude/striptease class, sans pole. It's only $30 for an hour, six women max. 

Tootles...must go separate the studio laundry....mmmmmmmmmm....tasty!!!


(Below is the remainder of my ramblings from a different day-it's good and encouraging and all that go-go rah-rah women power stuff, so I'm keeping it, even tho I was not just speaking of Rebounding, as it states.)

Speaking of Rebounding...they're a great way to get in shape for the summer! (Always have to throw a plug in there), as are the regular weekly Classes. If you join any Weekly Session you get FREE UNLIMITED PRACTICE TIME, as long as I'm there, which is pretty much always.

Anyhooters,  A lot of people come to Gypsy Rose specifically for a workout, which is great, but to see results you need to stick with it. Don't diet and do a little bit of exercise, Do a LIFESTYLE change. Diets don't work. 

Changing your lifestyle does.

It's hard, believe me. Change is the hardest thing to do when you've got a nice comfycozy bed that beckons, calls, and tempts you like the Siren it is (ah, the drama!).

What's the ONE thing a woman can do to improve her motivation, discipline, and quite frankly her enthusiasm for life when every day seems like the same old thing? 

You don't mind what you do every day, but it's just. every. day. So how can you begin to change your lifestyle if you have the same daily routine?

I think the solution may be that you need something to look forward to-something that makes you want to get out of bed and seize the day. 

Taking classes is a great thing-such as bouncy Rebounding classes, or Pole or Chair dancing classes where you can dress up in crazy clubwear if you want and have a blast and laugh your butt off for an hour or so.

Well naturally I'm going to suggest that because I want you to take my classes...teeheee....but really, these classes could be something different to look forward to each day, or each week. We offer so many different classes, from Chair Dancing to How to Feel Sexy to Vertical Pole, that there's bound to be a class you'd like to take.

And as always,  if you've been feeling down lately because of stooooopid boys, or lack of friends, come to Gypsy Rose and take a class. It's not a bitch session, but the unintentional workout aspect of any class will boost your mind. Along with the fun and laughs.

We welcome EVERYONE at Gypsy Rose and ya know what else? 

We Actually LIKE you too!

(If you've done a One Hit Wonder or Pole-on-the-Go! before with us, then let us know and we'll teach you different stuff to keep it interesting.)

So, if anyone actually took the time to read all this...sign up for lessons, mention that you read this whole thing and that the secret word is "Goat", and I'll give you 10% off the class or session you want.

Just seeing if anyone reads all this rambling...teehee. Makes me feel good to write it tho!



Owner of Gypsy Rose (and former Exotic Dancer) Wendy Reardon wrote

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Exotic and Pole Dancing

I'm also a Church Scholar and wrote The Deaths of the Popes: Comprehensive Accounts Including Funerals, Burial Places, and Epitaphs (McFarland, 2004).

i'm also a Medium, so if there's anyone dead you want to talk to, let me know but DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING UNLESS I ASK.

I never tried to be a medium, it just started happening a few years ago. I'm still afraid it's my imagination, but I've been wayyyy too accurate in the hundreds and hundreds of readings I've done for clients at the studio for it to be imagination. If you join a session or take any class I'll give you a free reading (provided there's time, or I can do it on the phone).

I don't get the lottery numbers though. I tried. 



Hi Everyone!

This is Wendy, the owner of Gypsy Rose Dancing. I danced to Peter Gabriel's "Sky Blue" the other day, and watching my own dance inspired me to remind everyone that you don't need to do all kinds of fancy, inverted pole tricks to be a great pole dancer.
Pole Dancing has become so fitness-oriented that many studios have forgotten about the sexy and self-expressive roots of the art, and "pole dancing" itself is no longer actually dancing, but more aerial acrobatics.
The tragedy here is that the majority of women aren't physically able to do those crazy difficult inversions and body contortions, and feel so intimidated by what the pole studios and YouTube pole dancing society considers "great" that they abandon the idea of even trying to pole dance because they know they'll never be able to do what the young, buff instructors can do.
To be a great pole dancer does not mean that you have to be able to do all the Cirque-type pole moves. In fact, quite the opposite.  To be a great pole dancer means that you are using the pole as a form of personal expression as a way to interpret your feelings through music that is meaningful to YOU.
Some pole dancers even judge me because although I invert, I don't do all those acrobatic advanced pole moves, and so they don't think I'm a good pole dancer or that they can learn anything from me when the truth is...it's actually more difficult for them to learn my style of pole dancing because I don't depend entirely on airborne pole acrobatics. 
To learn the Gypsy Rose style of pole dancing has actually been quite a challenge for those 'advanced' pole dancers, and the ones who have tried it-have loved it!
At Gypsy Rose,  we welcome women of all shapes, sizes and ages, and although all pole dancing IS a fitness workout, we focus on teaching you not only how to use the pole to dance as a form of personal expression, but to use pole dancing to vent your feelings of anger, frustration, happiness, and of course...sexiness!
That, my friends, is REAL pole dancing!

Sky Blue 
by Peter Gabriel

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